SNAP Error - Failed to Open Image View

Hello helpers!

I downloaded Sentinel-1 Level 1 GRD Images. I opened them on SNAP and tried to open the bands by clicking on them (amplitude/intensity). After some time of trying to load the image, the application shows this error:

SNAP Error
Failed to open image view.
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java

Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this error?

Thank you so much!

OutOfMemoryError means that your computer cannot allocate enough RAM to display the image.

8 GB are the minimum requirement to work with Sentinel data. It is also helpful to store the image at a suitable location (SSD if possible, no external devices, such as USB or network drives)

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I am also have that error, trying many time. finally i uninstall many software my laptop. then uninstall my SNAP and install again. my problem was solved. All the best.

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please help …i can not open image view befor date 9 -2-2023 …i tried with 28-1 ,16-1, 4-1-2023…All of them do not open
i use data of s1_slc_iw and uninstall my SNAP8 and install again But I did not benefit and did not open the images and i have 16 GB RAM

Is there an error message in the log?
It’s the most recent messages.log file from the location indicated by (SNAP) Help menu → Show Log Directory.

yes there is ;

yes there is error message in the log

please help
thank in advance

Sorry, but you didn’t capture any ERROR message in your screen shots…
Make sure to reproduce the error, scroll till the end of the messages.log file and paste if you see something starting with ERROR.

I do not see something starting with ERROR. when I open the image I have not any thing in view window

I do not see something starting with ERROR. when I open the image I have not any thing in view window

Hello, Please I have the same problem.

When I try to open the image sentinel 1((S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20171112T171956_20171112T172023_019235_020931_4DC0.SAFE-report-20171112T200558; 7.36 GO) I have not any thing in view window. It appears clearly on the download site but nothing appears on SNAP!

Could you help me please!