Snap ERROR-failed to open image view

Hello dear helpers,

I was trying to check the generated interferogram in SNAP. This is done by opening up Phase_ifg_*****” band of each product in SNAP. Two of them got an error while the other twenty-seven went nothing wrong.

The error is
Failed to open image view.
java.lang.RuntimeException: DimapProductReader: Unable to read file

My computer has a RAM of more than 8G. And I have ticked the “Use file cache in readers to conserve memory” in the Tools. Anyone can help, much appreciated.

As I processed into using Stamps for the initial PS selection, I got a warning said, not enough random phase pixels to set gamma threshold. I think this is related to the errors I made in the inteferograms generated. As you can see, two errored interfefrgrams didn’t appear.

Could it be that you have moved the *.dim file but not the *.data folder?

Thanks for your reply. You mean to move the whole *.data folder every time, but not just the *.dim file itself. I have moved both these two from the USB to my hard drive. I have sort out the problem. I located that two problematic ifg. And redo the coregistration and interferogram generation, this time I can see the Phase_ifg_*****” band of each product in SNAP without any issues.

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