SNAP error: referenced raster must be of same size

I opened the .xml file of a Sentinel 2 image and tried to perform a land/sea mask using a vector as mask.
Despite I selected only one band (B05) the SNAP error “referenced raster must be of same size” appears.
Please note that, by doing exactly the same few minutes earlier on another band (B04), it had occasionally worked!
PS: vector mask had been drawn in SNAP and not imported from a GIS, thus should have the same ref of the image.
Thanks for helping!

land/sea mask is not working properly with multi-size product. It has worked with B04 because this band has the same geometry than the product (normally, the product reference is the same than the best resolution band in the multi-size product).
To make it work with B05, you have to resampling the product to this resolution (do not save the output, it is not needed) and then apply the land/sea mask.

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