SNAP Error - uable to update product

Hi, I am quite new to SNAP, but so far I have unfortunately experienced a lot of errors and java NullPointer errors. Most of the time I can keep working, just ignoring the errors, but some of them won’t let me without restarting SNAP. Is there anything fundamental, like a missing library, that I could install/update to improve the behavior?

Explicitly, the problem I experience now, is “SNAP - Error. Unable to update product”, that is appearing when working with the current dataset. Different commands have triggered this error, and this very last time, it appeared when I tried to start the Mask manager.

after I wrote this, this error appears for everything I am doing. Already after restarted SNAP and imported any of the previous dim datasets, SNAP throws this message…

What version are you running? You might need to update the software to the latest version. Also, it might be a space/memory issue. Make sure you have plenty of space wherever you are writing products to. If you have errors, you shouldn’t ignore them.

I am running SNAP 6.0.0 and I updated to the latest .NET and Java versions, no change. I also tried to install SNAP 5, just for testing, but the error persists. I have 64 GB memory on the machine, and right now 44 GB available, so it doesn’t sound like a memory problem to me. I have >100 GB free on all drives, and the error appears regardless of dataset (both 47 Mb and 3 Gb datasets cause this).

From the message “SNAP - Error. Unable to update product” I see that the cause for the problem is somewhere in the tool windows for radar data (View/Tool Windows/Radar).
Maybe @cwong or @lveci can have a look at it.

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I had the same error in V6. V5 worked fine!