SNAP: export Polarimetric Matrix compatible with PCI software

Are there folks who use both SNAP and PCI? Hoping to learn if SNAP can export “Polarimetric Matrix” data (such as T4 or C4) so that PCI will also recognize it as “Polarimetric Matrix”. For example, in PCI the T4 matrix is called “t4r6c: non-symmetrized coherence matrix”

So far in SNAP I tried the steps “export->GDAL->PCI”. But when PCI opens the “.pix” file produced by SNAP, it recognizes it as a multi-band raster, but not as a “Polarimetric Matrix” so decompositions and other polarimetry functions cannot be used. Does anybody know a better way to export “Polarimetric Matrix” data from SNAP? Wondered if there is a PCI expert out there who knows how to trick PCI into recognizing this as a “Polarimetric Matrix” cheers