SNAP for other SAR data

Hi, guys. Can I process other SAR data (such as ALOS-2, TerraSAR-X, and Radarsat-2) using SNAP? The main parameter which I need is the backscattering coefficients. Thanks.

Just select File> Import > SAR Sensors to see all supported satellites.

To retrieve the backscattering coefficient select Menu > Radar > Radiometric > Calibration
See the help to read about the supported sensors and what the calibration is bases on.

Thank you.

Can we do speckle filtering, terrain flattening and terrain correction on other SAR data(TerraSAR-X and Radarsat-2) using SNAP ?

sure, many sensos are supported

Can GPT able to read the downloaded zip file(as that of Sentinel 1) of respective sensor data (Radarsat and terraSAR-X) automatically and apply terrain correction by downloading the required DEM(as in the case of sentinel1 ) automatically.

yes, you simply create a graph xml in the graph builder and apply it to all images.

A documentation of the GPT is here: