SNAP Graph of Cosmo Skymed SCS to GTC image

Hello, Can anyone send me a screen grab of the graph for processing a Cosmo-Skymed SCS SLC file to a calibrated backscatter coefficient (log scale) with radiometric and geometric correction, slant to ground range, option to speckle filter and/or multilook. That would be really helpful to get the order right and then I can play around with some of the options.
Many thanks, Kevin

Hi Kevin
you can make a graph to finish the job that you wish.
EX: Read β†’ Multilook β†’ Speckle-Filter β†’ Terrain-Correction β†’ LinearToFromdB β†’ Write

Best Regards,

Chun-Ying Chiu

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Thanks. No calibration step needed? Appreciate your help.

You can find radiometric normalization in Terrain Correction Step.
I think it’s the same effect as calibration.
If you want to add calibration step, remember to remove the check of radiometric normalization in Terrain Correction Step.

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