SNAP- GRDH vs SLC product

Hi Sentinel folks.

I am wondering why is possible to download the SLC product from 2019 08 11 (see below name) but I can not download data for GRDH for the same date?

Is it just derivate from the raw data so it should be possible for the same date for both SLC and GRDH?


Within the same date GRD, are available, but not cover the whole frame similar to the SLC, so switch in your search to the closest date to find out results covers the same frame of SLC,

the problem is that I need to use the same date not different, 11-12. 8.
And also the area should be almost the same.

So there is no way to process SLC to GRD?

If, it’s not available as I get the results from the quick search it’s possible to convert the SLC of the 11082019 to GRDH using the operator SLC to GRD, from

radar—>Sentinel 1-TOPSAR—>SLC to GRD

And in this case your problem is solved by getting the exact frame of two products.

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Hi, there is a GRDH product available that corresponds to the SLC in your post: S1B_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20190811T171632_20190811T171657_017541_020FD8_DBCA and see the screenshot below.

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