SNAP GUI freezes


I just want to point out some situations we experienced, when SNAP freezes because it’s doing some background stuff and the user (or at leas we) could not stop it until it ends, or has no way to understand what’s happening.

  1. Terrain Correction, using an automatically downloaded DEM. You click on Run, it starts to download the DEM, you realize that you’re using the wrong DEM… so you want to stop everything. You click on “Cancel”, but it doesn’t actually stop until it finishes to download the DEM! That could be ok if you have a fast connection, but we haven’t… and that’s frustrating :smile: If there’s a way to stop the download please tell us… :smile:

  2. When you apply orbit correction, with automatically downloaded orbit files, after clicking on “Run” basically there’s no evidence that SNAP is working. We know it’s downloading the files because we checked in the auxfile dir, but a growing bar, e.g. like when it downloads a DEM, would be nice.

  3. Batch processing, that includes Orbit correction and other steps. We selected five images as input and suddenly SNAP freezed for some time. We realized it was doing something on the net (internet?) in the background. As soon as net activity stopped SNAP GUI got available again.

Thanks for your understanding :smile:

Yes, downloading orbit files should be creating a thread and having a
progress bar just as when downloading a dem. However, it never seems to
show up. Orbit files are generally small and the pause isn’t as
noticeable. I’ll try to fix it.