SNAP Hackathon at EO Open Science 2.0, Oct. 15-16, ESA ESRIN

Just after the EO Science 2.0 conference, the SNAP Hackathon will take place on 15 Oct (9:00-19:00) and 16 Oct (9:00-14:00) at ESA ESRIN (Frascati).

Find the final agenda, as well as prerequisites and the final location here: Hackathon agenda.pdf (please note that the agenda on the EO Science 2.0 website is not up to date!).

This thread is intended to serve as sink for the participant’s wishes and ideas they have before the actual hackathon. Although we cannot promise to actually implement each and every suggestion, feel free to express your ideas, visions, and images of what you would like to do on the Hackathon.

Also, feel free to ask the developer team at this point any question you might have about SNAP!

Looking forward to seeing you in Frascati, and to creating cool pieces
of software together with you at the Hackathon!

Best regards,

The SNAP development team

Dear all,

please find attached the presentations and the “my-first-snappy”-script from the Hackathon. Also, here are some helpful links:


SNAP Hackathon 2015_first intro.pdf (1.3 MB)
SNAP Hackathon 2015_2nd_intro.pdf (1.6 MB)
SNAP Hackathon 2015_architecture.pdf (1.5 MB) (614 Bytes)