SNAP holding files even after closing product

When I have opened a product in SNAP, viewed a band, and then closed the product, SNAP will sometimes not release the files, so I cannot then delete them from my disk without closing SNAP.

Process (Does not occur every time I do this)
Open product that is in BEAM-DIMAP format > Open a band in the product > Right click and close product > navigate to product directory -> Delete product data director -> Get warning that bandName.img cannot be delete because it is in open in snap64.exe.

OS: Windows 10 x64
RAM: 16GB, configured to use 9GB

Example Image (with about page)

Java may still be doing some background processing (such as generating parts of the image that were outside the viewing window or downloading ancillary files) when you click on the “close product” button. Java often delays calculations until the result is used, so attempts to use a product in another program too soon after clicking a “save” button in SNAP can fail because the output file is not yet complete. Patience is a virtue.

I can confirm this behaviour, but also that deleting works after a short time in most cases as @gnwiii describes.