SNAP How to export Sigma0_vv_db image in Geotiff

I wanted to export my calibrated layer “Sigma_w_db” in geotiff image as follows:
File > export > GeoTIFF.
Then in the new window that opens, I click on “subset”: I set my subset in “Spatial Subset” and I want to export juste “Sigma0_vv_db” image. So I leave check only the box “Sigma0_vv_db” in "Band Subset " and when I take Ok, I get the following message « see attachment ».

Can you help me how I export my image db in geotiff format under SNAP?

Thanks in advance

This is because it is dependent from the original band (Sigma0_VV): I you create a db band by right-clicking > Linear to/from dB, it is only logically created but not yet written on your disk. This is indicated by the v symbol in the band list (and the 0.0 MB in the subset dialogue).
To make it permanent right-click > convert band. Then save it with File > Save product.

After that you can select it as the only output for the subset generation.

Thank you Mr ABraun for theses instructions. The case is settled