SNAP-information: product must be in "geographic Lat/Lon" projection

I am trying to “export view as google earth KMZ” for phase_igf_VV ,but get this information:product must be in “geographic Lat/Lon” projection.

Which steps have to be performed to make product be in Lat/Lon ?
thank you.

when you apply Range Doppler Terrain Correction, you select WGS84 Lat/Lon as output coordinate reference system. Afterwards, you can use the data for KMZ export to Google Earth.

Dear ABraun
Thank you for your reply.
But I apply Range Doppler Terrain Correction,getting the result that there is no “phase_igf”.

I want to get the result like this.↓
(taken from other person’s tutorial)
thank you.

I move my cursor then can get Lat/Lon under the window.
so I confuse why it can’t export KMZ.

you have to select the phase in the terrain correction module (under “Source bands”) to have it included in the output product.

SNAP displays the position of the cursor in geographic coordinates (lat/lon), but the actual projection and reference system of the raster can be different (e.g. UTM).

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