SNAP installation on ubuntu 16.04

I’m shifting from Windows world to Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS one and I’d like to install SNAP and Sen2Cor in my new environment. Which version should I install? The Unix 64-bit?

In addition how install the downloaded file inside Ubuntu?

Any help shall be greatly appreciated.

If you installed Ubuntu on a 64Bit system and have chosen the 64 Bit version of Ubuntu then yes the Unix 64 Bit should do the job.
After downloading the installer, you either need to make it executable or call on the command line:


Hi Marpet,

Thanks a lot for your quick answer which does indeed work.

I would add for other interested people that you can open the Ubuntu terminal and type:
sudo ./ where is the complete path to your downloaded ‘’ file.

It did work for me on Ubuntu Mate 16.04.

Thanks again Marco.


Hello Ghanisen,

I am new with ubuntu, I try to install SNAP using sudo command but it’s giving error command not found. If possible kindly guide me how I can fix this error.

Kind Regards

Hello Mirza,

This happened to me once while executing a .sh file. I finally found that the problem was that the file didn’t have the proper permissions to be executed as a program.

You have to go to the snap file, right-click it with the mouse, select the Permissions tab then check ‘the Authorize file execution as a program’ which is down below in the tab. After that use the usual procedure to execute the file.

I hope this will help.


Hello Ghanisen,

Thank you for your kind response. I able to resolve my issue. Actually java was not installed on my PC. After installing java sudo command run successfully. But now I am facing another problem, when I try to run SNAP, I am getting this error.

"## **An instance of the program cannot access specified user directory. This is a serious problem that may prevent the program to function properly. Make sure /home/user/.snap/system is writeable. **

Click Ok to continue in spite of previous errors."

Kindly guide how to fix it.

Kind Regards

Hi Mirza,

I had also this problem and it was due to the fact that your /home/user/.snap/system folder is ‘owned’ by ‘root’. In other words you do not have write access to it. You probably see a lock sign above the folder.

I had to erase all SNAP and Sen2cor folders and re-install all. This error does not appear any more but now the sen2cor plug-in does not appear in SNAP’s plugins and therefore I cannot set it up.

I’m going to ask some help in a separate question.

Good luck

Hello Marco,

I have installed the snap with the on my ubuntu 16.04, then I installed sen2cor and got a positive answer to the execution of “L2A_Process --help” in ubuntu terminal.

However, the sen2cor plugin does not appear among SNAP’s plugins therefore I cannot set it up. Do you have an idea how to deal with this?

Also I’d like to ask if somebody knows how to uninstall a program installed with .sh file (e.g. and not with apt-get or standard ubuntu packages installers?

Any help shall be greatly appreciated.

In case it might help somebody, I have found how to unistall SNAP (or any program installed with a .sh installer) in ubuntu 16.04:

You have to go to the file ‘/home/ghani/snap/bin/uninstall’ (‘ghani’ is my username) which is the uninstall script. Right-click on it and select properties and make it executable. Double-click it and it will execute opening SNAP then follow the instructions.

I have also noticed that the help button of SNAP3 ‘Plugins’ window does not work.

My question regarding why sen2cor is not among SNAP’s plugin remains valid.

Kind regards.

Dear Ghanisen,
thanks for your vivid participation in this thread.

The Sen2Cor plugin should definitely appear under “available plugins” (unless it is already installed of course), regardless of whether you have already installed sen2cor. Do you see other plugins in that list?
Can you confirm that in the settings tab there is an update center “SNAP Extensions” and that it is ticked? If not, please add a new update center (in that tab), name it SNAP Extensions and set this URL:

Does this help?

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Dear TonioF,

First, thank you very much for answering my questions.

As you can see from the attached screenshots the answer is yes to all your questions (SNAP4.0).

I have also attached the proof that sen2cor was successfully installed.

You can see that there’s no trace of sen2cor among the plugins.

I have installed SNAP first then Anaconda 2 then sen2cor. isn’t this the correct sequence?

Also, the help button on the plugins window does not function.

Best regards.

Dear Ghanisen,
the problem is a bit more complex than I first assumed. We’ll come back to you on this soon.

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Thanks TonioF. There are several members of this forum that have similar problem, even on Windows.

Best rgeards.