SNAP Java.lang.NullPointerException

Dear All,

I have been experiencing Java.lang.NullPointerException while creating image
colour composite (RGB) from S3 products. This is not a critical problem, since the image gets created, but the error window keeps appearing, which is a bit of an inconvenience. I looked at a similar subject on this forum, but the case was
different. I would appreciate clues on how to solve this. Please see attached the error message

Best regards,

Hi Yoann,

I cannot reproduce this problem. Can you tell me bit more about the steps your are doing and which Product you are using?
You are using the latest SNAP version 5.0, right?

Yes I am using version 5.0.
The problem seems to only occur with S3 SYN products.
I could not reproduce this problem with OLCI nor SLSTR bands.
And more precisely the SDR bands.
To produce them I go Window/Open RGB image window. and then select
the channel I want to use for the colour comp.

I was able to reproduce the problem. I’ll have a look at it.

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OK, this should be fixed with the next module update. Probably it will be available this week.


Great thank you.
Is it worth knowing what was causing the problem?

In certain cases the uncertainty window was applied on RGB views which is not applicable.
The check if it can be applied was wrongly implemented.