SNAP Language

I have some questions about how to use and also develop some codes of SNAP?

What is the ** language** the software was written?

Which programs also are required to be installed on either Linux or Window for calling the SNAP programs by using python through the Comment Line Interface?


I think there are two answers:

Calling SNAP functions from the command line works without any sofware using the gpt tool in the windows shell or linux bash. You either call an existing module (type gpt -h to get them listed) or you define an XML which does more steps at a time.

About the languages in which SNAP was developed, @marpet can give a more detailed answer.

SNAP is developed in Java.If you want to know more about the internals, because you think about extending SNAP on your own, I suggest to have a look at the Developer Guide in our Wiki.

If you simply want to call the executables gpt or pconvert from the command line, then you don’t even need Python. Just call them from a batch or shell script. If you want to call the API of SNAP from Python, then you need snappy (which can be installed during SNAP installation or by calling or by calling snappy-conf) and of course you need a Python installation.
I would suggest that you have a look at this post. It is good collection of entry points in our documentation.