SNAP - Memory release after writing

I’m currently working with S1 images in SNAP 7.0 in windows and every time a process ends, there is still memory in use by SNAP, as in the print screen attached. I’ve read other similar posts but for snappy users and I don’t understand if they solved that. What I’m doing now is exit snap before starting a new process in order to release all memory. :roll_eyes:

SNAP is a Java application. By design, Java manages the memory it uses internally, so it does not behave like most other applications. When you start Java you specify some limits on the amount of memory Java will be allowed to use. Java uses garbage collection to reclaim allocated memory for its own future use, but does not release it back to the OS. In practice, Java memory usage may increase to the limit you set ( in snap.vmoptions) and stay there until Java is stopped. The general recommendation is to limit Java’s -Xmx setting to half the installed RAM, but on systems with inadequate RAM this may not allow Java tasks to run efficiently, and may not leave enough RAM for other tasks.

Are you experiencing problems with inadequate memory in SNAP or in other applications?

Many thanks for your explanation gnwii! I have no idea about Java so now I’m happy to know that this is not a problem, just some Java characteristics.
And yes this issue is related to SNAP only.
Thanks again.

I have the same issue, and now I understand the problem. Many thanks to all!