SNAP MintPy integration for SBAS time series

MintPy is a open source Python package written by the awesome people at the University of Miami for doing Multi-temporal InSAR processing.

It allows for SBAS InSAR processing, but much more can be done using the the included functions once your data is ingested(atmospheric correction etc.).

So far it only accepted data in ENVI / ISCE / GAMMA etc. formats and I couldn’t manage to get SNAP to output the data in a format acceptable by MintPy. But I have a nice automated python program that creates interferometric stacks in SNAP so we’ve been developing MintPy itself to accept .dim data directly. It should now be possible to generate a stack of geocoded unwrapped interferograms, coherence and an elevation map with the same extents using SNAP and ingest that data directly into MintPy by setting its input paths to the relevant .dim/.img files.

So it is different than the SNAP native “export stamps” operator. I have not yet managed to install StaMPS properly on my machines so it is nice to know MintPy works and installation was easier. Remember PSI and SBAS are different approaches though.

Check the Mintpy SNAP Wiki for instructions on preparing your input data.

This was developed and tested on data processed using an automatic python (snappy) based workflow and has not been tested with other data yet. So all and any input would be appreciate :grinning:


We are currently trying to solve this for PyRate integration. Let us know to add any needed metadata or format changes.


Dear Iveci, Do you know how can I export the time series of 1 million PS from H5 (in .txt or .csv)?
I know I can use for exporting in these formats for 1 point.

Hi lveci
I want to calculate the using the MintPy software that I per-processed on ISCE,
but I cant calculate with (MintPy/ at main · insarlab/MintPy · GitHub)
I would be grateful if you could guide me

You are more likely to get answers to questions about MintPy on the MintPy discussions forum:


Hi dear,
I would like to correct closure_phase_bias effect using software MintPy.
from the library. but I get an error and I can’t do it.
I used this reference (
could you help me please?