Snap module update command hangs with SNAP 7.0

I updated SNAP to 7.0 in a simple Docker recipe built on Debian ( The recipe used to work fine for 6.0 and included module update with

snap --nosplash --nogui --modules --update-all

in accordance with the docs.

However, that command produces the following output:

snap --nosplash --nogui --modules --update-all
/usr/local/snap/bin/../platform/lib/nbexec: WARNING: environment variable DISPLAY is not set
Refreshing SNAP Community Extensions
Refreshing SNAP
Refreshing SNAP Extensions
Updates not found.

and then it hangs forever, i.e. never returns and with it the rest of the build process.

Is that a bug or a transient issue like Error updating snap command line?

Hi Jonas,
that’s a known issue and mentioned at the top of the Update SNAP from the command line wiki page.
There is also a workaround mentioned.