SNAP module updates

Hi team,

I’m using SNAP9.0 and this command
snap --nosplash --nogui --modules --update org.esa.snap.snap.ndvi org.esa.snap.snap.envisat.reader
to update modules.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there any way that we can upgrade to a specific minor version?
  2. Do you know any breaking changes will be included in minor version updates? Or only major version? Since we used to see functionality changes between gpt Terrain-Correction which used to take an argument -PmaskOutAreaWithoutElevation but now requires -PnodataValueAtSea.

Thanks a lot!

Hello @yjingf,

  1. It is not possible to update to a specific minor version. The modules can be updated to the latest minor version of the installed major version.
  2. In some cases, it is necessary to deliver new functionality to users quickly instead of waiting for a major release.
    The list of all issues fixed in a SNAP major release or SNAP update can be consulted using this page: Public Roadmap and Changelog – STEP
    For the current S1 Toolbox version the list is :

For the previous versions, go to Past and choose a version from the list: