SNAP Offset Issues

Hello All,

I am working with the SNAP Offset algorithm and have a few questions.

When applying an orbit file, if the image is flipped, should the image not be corrected to the proper orientation? I have done this three times now and the orientation does not update. I was under the impression that it should fix it.

Has anyone had success in getting the displacements to seem accurate? I have tried three different times and each time there is an illogical displacement map.

Thank you.

applying an orbit file does not change the orientation of the raw image, it simply adds the position of the satellite in the metadata so the actual geolocation of the image can be determined in later steps (e.g. coregistration or terrain correction)

Edit: of course, the initial orientation is not a problem, as @qglaude explained, I should have clarified that earlier.

You are using an image from an ascending orbit, meaning that the satellite is acquiring data line by line from south to north.

In consequence, the first line acquired is the southernmost one. That the reason why this line appear in the top : it is actually the first one read by the software. Similarly, the last line acquired is the northernmost one. It then appeared at the bottom of the screen.

The image appear flipped. But don’t worry, after georeferenciation, everything will be alright :wink: