SNAP- Out of Memeory

Whenever I am trying to import an image for the Google Earth (.kmz format), after consuming some processing time SNAP tool displayed an error as you may try to release memory by closing products or image views which you currently not really need. Can someone help me to resolve this issue.

are you sure you mean importing kmz data into SNAP?

Yes during kmz creation as shown in the below screenshot

Can anyone help me to resolve the above mentioned issue.

I am stuck at this point, my further processing depends on this. Can anyone please help me.

I have never experienced this error, nor can I replicate it, sorry.
Is your data maybe located on an external drive?

All the processed images or on my internal drive. Initially I have imported a kmz file of SigmaVV_db image of the same size (Overlaid on Google Earth as shown in Screenshot). Once I have applied the Compute Statistics in Color Manipulation which processed almost 45 Minutes and after that I am facing this error.

is it an option to resample it to a slightly lower resolution and run the kmz export again?

I have tried it also but still same response.

@tasneem Probably your image is too large for the RAM you have on your computer.
Keep in mind that SNAP is Java based so it needs some memory for itself.

I have kmz files large as circa 300MB, but I’m not sure how much of RAM is used during

Thanks all I have resolved this error by taking a small subset of the study area.

Hi everyone!
I want to get the reference Flood Mask prepared by Copernicus EMS to verify my result. What is the procedure to get the same.

Is this mask published somewhere? You did not tell us where this flood occurred.

A very heavy flood occurred in Patna city (Bihar state), India during the last of September and first week of the October, 2019. I am working on the same region to see the damages happed in that flood, to verify my obtained mask I need Flood Mask prepared by Copernicus EMS.

please share a link to the EMS flood mask, I cannot find it in their list.