SNAP Plugin push


Late last year I provided an update to the SNAP NovaSAR Product Reader that included some fixes. Is it possible to release this update such that it appears on the plugin repository servers?



Hi Richard,

actually I thought there is still something missing. So, I was waiting for a notice from your side.

As the release of the next SNAP version is not to far away. Can we wait till this has been published?

Thanks Marco.

There was one outstanding item and it related to the lengths of a field being too long for the internal defined length in the product library data. We’ve just made some changes on this and therefore I will re-visit the idea on using a different metadata field to populate this parameter. My understanding at the time was that we’d parked this issue and were going to ignore it for now as it only impacts the compatibility with the product library feature of SNAP.

There’s scope for some further changes to the plugin as well, so I’m tentatively happy to wait until the new version of SNAP is released. When is the next release step - I will build my own copy of the new version of SNAP from the git and make any changes to the plugin in that context to ensure compatibility.


Can’t say an exact date yet. But it is actually a matter of weeks, not month.