Snap Python - Not working on Anaconda Prompt (only works in Jupyter)

Hello all,

I have been using Snap Python for a bit, mainly with Jupyter Notebook in order to learn about this fantastic module.

I have install snappy in a new Anaconda environment where I then run it with Jupyter. The point is that in my Anaconda Prompt the snappy is not running properly. If I take the same S2 image (same path)…
In Jupyter we can process it (e.g. Band 4 and Band 5 plot)

But not in Anaconda Prompt (which means, in other python editors).

Why is that? I need my script to run from a '.py ’ file so the ‘.ipynb’ format of jupyter is not good for me. Can you please help me to solve this?

Thanks a lot for your help,


P.D. My snap version is the v6.0 with all updated (s2 toolbox included). The Snap Python is a module itself so the import I do is the next:
from snappy import ProductIO, jpy, GPF, Product, ProductData, ProductUtils, FlagCoding