Snap quit quickly after opening

Hello everyone

The SNAP software installed on one of the computers I used close directly two seconds after its opening.

On the message log, the following message appears in the last line:

“console: Failed to install ‘’: java.nio.charset.UnsupportedCharsetException: cp0.”

What I can do to fix this issue? The Java version is the last one and SNAP works perfectly with the other computers with the same configuration.

Thanks in advance

The UnsupportedCharsetException is probably not the problem. It happens also on systems where SNAP is working. Also, the Java version should not be an issue because SNAP brings its own Java instance.
On which operating system do you run SNAP? Is it a VM?
Sometimes the 3D WorldWind View causes trouble. Maybe you need to update the driver of the graphics card or try to disable it. Please have a look at this post:

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Thank you, Marpet, for your answer

Effectively, I upgrade the Display driver and now SNAP is working without any problem

All the best