We are using SNAP and SNAPPY to process sentinel 1 images from raw to Speckle filtering. After that, we are using that data combined with other data to develop different commercial products using our own software. We are not sure if the SNAP/SNAPPY GNU licence set any restrictions to the commercialization of those further products or to the software to create them.

Can anybody clarify that?

Thank you very much

SNAP is licensed under GPL v3… in case you don’t know what that means check this.

The main issue that you may have is that if you integrate SNAP in any way into your own derived software product, you will need to release the source code of that product as GPL v3. In case you are just using the software to generate data and then take that data into a different software, then you should be ok.

Please note also that the Copernicus Sentinel data policy imposes attribution requirements on any derived works based on the data.