Snap stuck 5%

i have just started researching about the detection of oil spill. But snap isnt working, always stuck 5% (I have been waiting for hours). Any idea what is causing the problem?


It looks like there is a little icon in the lower right corner indicating that updates are available. You don’t mention your version or whether it is up to date. There have been changes in the locations of some data files used by SNAP, so SNAP could be waiting for a download from a non-existent server. Java is unlike other programs in that it does calculations “on demand”, so output products are not actually generated until the “save” step. If you try to view a file in Windows before it has been fully written you can have problems. There is also a possibility that your disk is full (I have seen cases where Windows indicates a disk has plenty of free space, but jobs would fail until the Recycle Bin was emptied). AV scanners can also cause this sort of problem.

It is good practice to check Windows’ “Reliability History” when you encounter problems.


I’m quite sure that this is related to the SRTM data required for the Land Sea Masking step. A process related to digital elevation models is taking forever to finish

So I agree with @gnwiii, please update SNAP to the latest version.

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Thank you,
i have updated to the newest. But still not working.

This seems to be a different problem: cannot be created. There have been uploads of log files with this error recently. Please provide the details from “Show and report problem”. You should search the forums for similar reports with the above string to see if they are the same as your issue.

I didn’t find the same issue on the forum. I have tried to change SRTM 3s to SRTM 1s, still not working…

Too many users post screen captures that can’t be searched for text. You can attach log files to a post and past snippets into the text.

This previously reported issue also gives: WstxInputFactory not found but has been fixed in the updates. You may have encountered another manifestation of the same problem. Please provide enough detail of your processing so others can reproduce the problem.