How we can convert SAR data from SNAP to ENVI?


to my knowledge, the files inthe DIMAP folders are already ENVI conform. They consist of a raster and a hdr-file.

So you should be able to directly import them (after any step you can apply to your SAR data which directly writes it in Beam DIMAP format, calibration, for example)

That’s true. Additionally there is the export option in the menu File/Export/Envi

Thank you for answers.
But , ENVI SAR images are a complex image with a single header file but here we have at least 2 files in frequency and domain (that is first problem) and when we want to use DIMAP files or Export/Envi to build a complex images, occurred some problem because of inconsistency…

basic ENVI cannot handle all complex SAR formats (only ERS and ALOS). So you would need to convert them to intensities or calibrate to Sigma0 and then import the DIMAP products.

Dear Braun,
Thank you for help. If I understand your mean, I must use Radar/Radiometric/Calibrate the Sentinel 1A data first, then I can read the data in ENVI . is it correct?

technically yes. I don’t know if you can geocode it in ENVI (could also be done in SNAP) but the import should work in any case then.