SNAP unable to create image

Am using SNAP for DInSAR and after I double click on the intensity image, the creating image box runs for hours. My PC meets the minimum requirements of core 15, 8gb RAM. I have used SNAP for DInSAR processing previously on this same PC and I don’t know why it is acting this way now. It wasn’t like this at first. Am using SNAP 8.0 and have uninstalled and reinstalled it again.

Please mention your OS and whether you have installed the updates for SNAP. Often SNAP processing is blocked waiting for ancillary data, either due to internet issues or recent changes to the ancillary data URL (which require recent updates). If you are sitting in front of the system, heat and noise may tell you if it is working hard or just sitting idle waiting for data from the internet.

All the OS’s that SNAP supports provide tools to determine if SNAP is actively working or stalled waiting for some resource. Consult the documentation for your OS if you don’t know how to do this.

Please am using windows 10. I haven’t installed all updates for SNAP after the reinstallation, but I had the full updates before I uninstalled it. I thought the inability to create images was a result of a product update

When you install SNAP, do you have it clean out your personal data and settings or preserve them?

Since updates didn’t cause the problem, please install the updates so your system will be the same as those used by others. Then determine whether the system is working hard (using Windows Task Manager) or sitting idle due to some resource issue. If you are using anti-virus software you should check the logs for issues with SNAP. There may also be some useful hints in the Windows Resource Manager.

Everything works fine for me after the updates. Sometimes everything works fine, and then it starts some tricks. An update comes and everything is great again)

Thank you. I always keep the personal data and settings. The updates took longer since it is a fresh installation, however, it is working now! :grinning: