SNAP unresponsive in MacOS 13.2.1

I am running MacOS 13.2.1.

I can launch SNAP 9. However, none of the buttons and menu items are responsive.

I have attempted to reinstall SNAP, both simply overwriting the existing installation and using the uninstaller to uninstall before reinstall SNAP. Neither solved the issue.

When I right-click on the SNAP icon in the dock and ask it to “Show All Windows” I get the attached screenshot. This time it showed a phantom open product window, presumably I clicked on “Open” button to see if anything works just before. I have also seen a phantom window related to plug ins. They are always “phantom” because there is never a preview of the window and I cannot actually open it.

The installer I am using is esa-snap_sentinel_macos_9_0_0.dmg and the SHA256 matches what is on the website.

Thoughts on how I can make SNAP work on my computer?

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This is a known issue with MacOS Ventura.
Please have a look at this thread.

Thank you for the reference!

Hi, I guess the same problem exists for version 9. Is the new version planned to be released anytime soon?

Thanks in advance

I think, in this case, it might be worth exploring some general MacOS troubleshooting steps. For instance, clearing the cache or checking for any conflicting applications could sometimes do the trick.
Also, you mentioned the installer SHA256 matches, which is great, but maybe there’s a newer version or a different build that’s more MacOS 13 friendly?
Besides, sometimes, issues like these can be linked to how the OS handles applications and disk space. You can check out some tips on how to delete other volumes in container, which might provide some indirect help.