SNAP unresponsive in MacOS 13.2.1

I am running MacOS 13.2.1.

I can launch SNAP 9. However, none of the buttons and menu items are responsive.

I have attempted to reinstall SNAP, both simply overwriting the existing installation and using the uninstaller to uninstall before reinstall SNAP. Neither solved the issue.

When I right-click on the SNAP icon in the dock and ask it to “Show All Windows” I get the attached screenshot. This time it showed a phantom open product window, presumably I clicked on “Open” button to see if anything works just before. I have also seen a phantom window related to plug ins. They are always “phantom” because there is never a preview of the window and I cannot actually open it.

The installer I am using is esa-snap_sentinel_macos_9_0_0.dmg and the SHA256 matches what is on the website.

Thoughts on how I can make SNAP work on my computer?

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This is a known issue with MacOS Ventura.
Please have a look at this thread.

Thank you for the reference!

Hi, I guess the same problem exists for version 9. Is the new version planned to be released anytime soon?

Thanks in advance