SNAP urgent problem

Good morning everyone,

I am facing a sudden and “mysterious” problem today: I have opened my snap 6.0 as I daily do, but today I can not open the File menu and if I try to access a product (Sentinel2 or Sentinel3 for example) nothing appears in the Product Explorer window. I did not make any update of my Windows 10 so nothing has changed since I last used snap yesterday. What can be the reason?
Update : yesterday I tried to read a geotiff that was corrupted and since that moment SNAP seems to be blocked on that error, whenever I try to open even a good product I get always the same error related to yesterday .
here attached, the log file .

messages.log (74.1 KB)

Update the SNAP, from help tab update and see if it solves the problem, SNAP, V. 6.0.1

A new beta SNAP 7. V. Will be released in the end of June, 2019,

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However, the test version SNAP 7.0 Official release is available,

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Here SNAP should handle such an error more gracefully. I will create an issue for this.
Antonio, you can edit the preferences manually to fix it.
Press WINDOWS+R and type appdata in the upcoming dialog.
The navigate to:
There you find Open it in a text editor.
remove the corrupted path from the property recently_opened_products.

Afterwards SNAP should work again.

The issue I’ve created.


This is great. Thanks Marco!