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10 September 2019 @ 11:30-16:05; Magellan B Room The Sentinel Applications Platform (SNAP) is a data analysis framework ideal for the exploitation of Earth Observation data. SNAP is an open-source solution with a number of toolboxes and plugins that allow its users to analyse Radar (e.g. Sentinel 1 SAR) and Optical data (e.g. Sentinel 2…


You are free to comment on the conclusions.

I’d say, SNAP is now very powerful platform, furthermore it’s a competent and competitor software of remote sensing data analysis, My suggestion concerning SNAP is, Let’s Improve What We Have Rather than Adding up more things, Delay a few months and getting more sophisticated software is better than get published a new release including some disadvantages.

Concerning the event, it was really wonderful, thanks to all, hopefully next time to be more sessions in different SNAP Topics.


Are powerpoints or workflows available from the Hand-on workshop section?

As for SNAP is general, I think it’s pretty amazing. The community is wonderful as well. I would agree that improving the existing tools should be the focus, however that will be probably be hard to do considering how many new sensors are coming online! I’ve recently transitioned from the GUI to gpt + python and I think it’s the best. The lack of documentation for gpt was a bit of a barrier at first but after reading through all the threads on the forum I quickly got the hang of it. Thank you for all your hard work everyone!!