Snap version 9.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Good day,
I was using 9.0.0-SNAPSHOT in my maven project, actually I see that the version 9.0.0-SNAPSHOT is not present in the repository. Should I have to use 6.0.8, that is the last stable?
Kind regards
Michele Spinella

Actually, it should be available.
Nexus Repository Manager - snap-core

Here it is just displayed with the date from yesterday. But this is what you should get with using SNAPSHOT.

Maybe the server had some issues?
I noticed that the search wasn’t working on the nexus page. I was only able to browse.

@FlorianD Maybe you can check the nexus repository.

Good day,
I am using this repository, with 9.0.0.-SNAPSHOT does not work, with 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT work properly. Is my repository uncorrect?
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Michele Spinella

		<name>Public Maven Repository for SNAP</name>

yes, the repository have to change.

        <name>Public Maven Snapshot Repository for SNAP</name>

@marpet I think it’s works with more criteria to limit the search.

Yes, this is outdated. We switched ~2 years ago.
The new is in the pom.xml of snap-engine for example.

Yes, it works when adding more criteria.
But if I use only the search box at the to I get this error:

Hi everybody. I installed snap 9.0 . I have a question. The processing images are have more size? I think well I processed the same image in snp 8 and now in v9.0 then I can see a difference of 5 Gb or more finally…do you have any idea of this?

Can you tell which data you have processed and the processing chain and also the output format?
There can be multiple reasons why the size of the files have increased.

I’m processing S-2 , I’ve made a resamp,well, I compared both images. The first has 19gB(v8.0) and the other has 29gb(v9.)

Are the images from the same date?
I guess one is from before January 26th 2022 and the other afterwards?
The processing baseline has changed and this causes data from the new baseline to become bigger.

In fact they are the same images, I realized of that, when I did the resamp (the same image). Before, I had a problem relationated with the reprojection…snap say is a java problem…(note in my screen report), for this I’ve produced without save a reprojectation of an image then, I saved the reprojected [format .dim](That’s work fine). Thinking I have a problem with the previously processing, I re-start all, and I’ve resampled all my images, There is when I was realized the size in these.
But if the issue is refered to the new baselines ok, I understood that. no problem thanks