Snap version 9.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Good day,
I was using 9.0.0-SNAPSHOT in my maven project, actually I see that the version 9.0.0-SNAPSHOT is not present in the repository. Should I have to use 6.0.8, that is the last stable?
Kind regards
Michele Spinella

Actually, it should be available.
Nexus Repository Manager - snap-core

Here it is just displayed with the date from yesterday. But this is what you should get with using SNAPSHOT.

Maybe the server had some issues?
I noticed that the search wasn’t working on the nexus page. I was only able to browse.

@FlorianD Maybe you can check the nexus repository.

Good day,
I am using this repository, with 9.0.0.-SNAPSHOT does not work, with 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT work properly. Is my repository uncorrect?
Thanks and regards
Michele Spinella

		<name>Public Maven Repository for SNAP</name>

yes, the repository have to change.

        <name>Public Maven Snapshot Repository for SNAP</name>

@marpet I think it’s works with more criteria to limit the search.

Yes, this is outdated. We switched ~2 years ago.
The new is in the pom.xml of snap-engine for example.

Yes, it works when adding more criteria.
But if I use only the search box at the to I get this error: