SNAP warning error


I have different warning error generated by SNAP model, please help me to solve it:

error (1) SNAP is unable to read xml data
error (2) I can’t display sentinel-2 data in SNAP interface
error (3) the sen2cor extension dosen’t work correctly

It is not easy to help with little information about your system, data, version…

  1. Open S2 files via File > Import > Optical > Sentinel-2 > L1C and select the xml file in the folder above. It is named like S2A_OPER_MTD_SAFL1C_PDMC[…].xml_. Select a resolution then.
  2. If step 1 is done you can open the data, make an image composite or work with individual bands.
  3. Please open Tools > Manage external tools > Sen2Cor > Edit and post a screenshot of the tab System variables

When I execute Step 1 I have the warning error N°1
It can’t read xml file

  • the system is windows 7, 64 bits
  • is sentinel2 data level L1C

For the first warning, it seems you are trying to open an xml file (*.aux.xml) which is not the product metadata file. Usually such files are produced after processing with other tools. Try to use the xml metadata file from the original product.

I have the same question for the third warning. Then I post the screenshot as it’s shown above.

you can replace the value for PYTHON_BIN by the full path to your python installation:

Worked here, for example:

Fine… I checked the full path and placed the full path of my python installation into PYTHON_BIN like this:

Since I think these paths have no special characters, I ran it again. However, it still told me Warning, the execution output like this:


Thanks again. :slight_smile:

hm, at least the processing starts now.
About the attribute error I’m not sure.

Maybe this helps: