SNAP with command line

Dear All,

I trying to do terrain correction with SNAP via command line without using any GUI.
Now I install all toolbox including for sentinel 1 at Ubuntu 16.04 LTS at server. I was available to use SNAP command.
But no idea with how to use it and can’t find any sample command to start with.
Can you help me for that.

The idea is to collect sentinel 1 image from online and make terrain correction with cron at background.

I know Google earth engine support images with terrain correction but we want to do kinda real time as soon as image got.

With regards,
Phyo Kyi

You can find some help in the user manual of SNAP. Have a look at the section of ‘Command Line Interface (GPF)’.
There is also some information in our wiki:
There are also tutrials which cover command line processing on our Tutorials page.

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Many ESA SNAP operations are available for the GPT command-line tool. You can check the list of available operations by running “GPT -h”. The wiki has examples for linux batch processing with GPT. To develop a GPT graph with multiple steps you can use the GUI on a different system and transfer the resulting graph to your server. Note that you may encounter issues with tools that require a newer Ubuntu version.