snap2.0 test

Dear developers,

Thanks for the nice contribution of the version 2.0. Most of the bugs are fixed!

I recently had a test, and find two problems which are kept the same as before.

  1. The topo-phase removal step does not work for descending pass data, when IW 3-subswath data is processed. The simulation of topo-phase seems not bad. Not sure which parameter is wrong in somewhere in the code. However,the ascending pass data works quite good.

  2. I expect to do multi-look before topo-phase removal, this will save time and keep the resolution of SAR data and DEM data similar, and avoid heavy interpolation. However, this seems not implemented rightly in the code. The current code asks to do topo-phase removal just on the SAR data resolution. In addition, the External DEM (say Geotiff DEM) does not work and output simulation with just zeros.

Please have a check.


I look into it thanks