Snap2Stamp Export

Am doing Snap2stamps Export,while doing the export through the command line using the command python2 project.conf then it just show the message"snap2stamps export started " after that nothing is happing just the process terminated…After doing through Snap2Stanmps operator in snap manullay it is showing this message

Are latitude and longitude bands contained in your interferogram product as indicated by the error message?

am adding the latitude and longitude band from the interferogram formation tab but after processing the interferogram doesnt contain the bands


please delete the interferogram data, rerun this step and select another DEM, e.g. SRTM 1sec

Also, topographic phase removal is included in the interferogram formation, please make sure you dont apply it twice.

ok sir thank you,i will try using another DEM.

Thank you so much sir the issue is resolved now after using another DEM