Snap2stamps error

After that that seems much closer to before.

Error: [NodeId: Enhanced-Spectral-Diversity] Operator ‘SpectralDiversityOp’: Unknown element ‘useSuppliedShifts’\n-- org.jblas INFO Deleting /tmp/jblas2154286250877908177/\n-- org.jblas INFO Deleting /tmp/jblas2154286250877908177/\n-- org.jblas INFO Deleting /tmp/jblas2154286250877908177/\n-- org.jblas INFO Deleting /tmp/jblas2154286250877908177/\n-- org.jblas INFO Deleting /tmp/jblas2154286250877908177\n"
[1] Finished process in 6.807957410812378 seconds.

how i can change it?. Do i need to remove ligfortran4.x?

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt install libgfortran5

Have you see difference of OS when you using snap2stamps packages. I have changed 16.04 into 20.04.

Is it possible to error due to many of version?
result of sudo apt install libgfortran5

error denoting v4

Dear ABraun,
I changed as you said. While running SNAP 8, interferogram formation step in windows. I Opened Task Manager in windows , It is showing zulu platform x64 architecture in that SNAP is processing. And still Disk speed also too high (70-90% usage).

Dear ABraun,
what are the extra softwares (java, etc) required before installing the SNAP software in windows?

actually, only Java environment is required.

Dear Sir,

While Stamps Export in SNAP8, I used one subset_* and Subset_interferogram* as shown in below figure. It was running from last two hours but showing zero percentage only. No error presents.

Please tell me i did wrong.

Sorry Please tell me where i did wrong?

please have a look at this FAQ entry: A process related to digital elevation models is taking forever to finish

Here I used only SRTM 1sec data.

please still update the url for SRTM 3 data - although this does not make much sense, it solves the problem for the StaMPS export: Problem in the last part of snap to stamps

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I changed the SRTM 3sec path to new SRTM 3sec path, want you mentioned in above post. But still it is not processing.

Please give me solution for this.

have you also deleted corrupt files as suggested in the description? It is required to restart SNAP after renaming.

I deleted all the SRTM files, then restarted SNAP also. While running Stamps Export, it is creating around 230GB files as shown in below figure but processing is zero percentage.

Then this is not related to SRTM data any longer…

How many dates are inside the stack
How much bursts do they cover?
How large is the stack as BEAM DIMAP folder?

Total 52 interferograms.
4 bursts
After Backgeocoding it is 111 GB
After ESD and Debrust it is 119 GB

then it makes sense to me that the StaMPS export creates these large volumes

2.Apply Orbit
3.Back Geocoding
4. ESD
7. Interferogram

Then finally 6+7 inputs, I’m exporting to Stamps.

Is it correct procedure?