Snap2stamps: is it necessary to select optimal master or can any scene be chosen as master

The developers of snap2stamps recently published a paper (Blasco et al. 2019 Remote Sensing 11:129 doi: 10.3390/rs11020129) in which “Firstly, the master scene is selected from the beginning of the time series, as Sentinel-1 has orbit control which guarantees any interferometric combination among the data. Additionally, as we want to obtain PS points over urban infrastructure…”
I interpret this to mean that any scene can be used as master and it is not necessary to use stack overview to determine optimal master. Is this correct?

I don’t think so. This means that you can technically combine all images from the same track.
But in terms of temporal decorrelation and perpendicular baseline variation it still makes sense to select a master which lies in the middle of the period and has both small and large perpendicular baselines to the slaves.

You can use the ASF baseline tool to find a suitable master:


Indeed as @ABraun says you can roughly take the image that is on the middle of the analysed time period, and then if this is not the optimal, it is near by.

Otherwise you can use ASF or SNAP to do so, with the advantage that ASF does it without the need to have downloaded the data.

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It should be … Delgado Blasco et al. 2019 Remote Sensing , instead Blasco et al. , I have notified the journal editor already time ago, please update de reference if you plan to use it. Thanks :wink: