Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow

I want to start with stamps in matlab, Do I have to set the Insar_processor to Snap to run the Stamps step (1,8)? or gamma?

if you prepared the data in SNAP you set it to ‘snap’

ok.thanks , I set it to ‘snap’ then run stamps(1,1), see this error, What is the cause?

(Ubuntu 20.04, python-3.8)
I’m trying to run “” but it seems there is an error with the subprocess.Popen() function. It just doesn’t wait for the processes to finish, I mean it gives me the following output:
…[13] Finished process in 2.7949752807617188 seconds.
Split slave [’/app/Documents/snap2stamps/SAR/PROC/slaves/20201226/’] successfully completed.

But the split folder is empty. So I tried running the command manually from the command line:
~/snap/bin/gpt /…/snap2stamps/SAR/PROC/graphs/splitgraph2run.xml -c 5G -q 6
This time, it behaved differently - it downloaded the Orbit file and produced *.data and *.dim in the right split folder. It took more than 2.79 seconds…

So I thought, maybe if I download all the orbit files beforehand it would not have problem with the downloading part. Running the python script again didn’t change anything. Forthemore, running the command manually again still caused it to download the orbit file again.

So, my questions are:

  1. Why does the python script not working? it seems this was not an issue before.
  2. Why does the gpt downloading the orbit file by default? What to do if I would want to use it on a stand-alone station?
  3. not related to this issue - I saw that other people populated the MASTER= line in project.conf to point to a *.dim file. How can you do that if you don’t have that dim file at the beggining of the process?? You start from zip files, don’t you?

Thank you very much,

hi ABraun,
Can you tell me what is the cause of this error When I run stumps(1,1), and how should I fix it? please
Index in position 2 exceeds array bounds.

Error in ps_load_initial_gamma (line 108)

Error in stamps (line 263)

have you seen this?

I downloaded this script and put it in matlab folder on Stamps software,then run the stamps(1,1) step, but this error is still and do not fixed it.:confused:

Do you get the same error message?

Have you seen this?

I a not sure python 3.8 subprocess function runs in the same way that for 2.7 for which the original script was conceived.

Could you please verify it?

Thank you for your reply.
As I saw in, the subprocess function is suiteable for python3…
I might be wrong though.

It might work, but maybe differently.
I cannot say more… please check or just use python 2.7. Then it should work as expected.

Let me know

Yes it is exactly the same.

Yes, I have seen it. but this error is still and do not fixed for me.

are you sure that you have replaced the existing matlab script by the downloaded one? Also restarting MATLAB afterwards might make a difference.

Yes, I replaced the same script that was downloaded. even after restarting MATLAB I get the same error massage.


So in python2.7 it works without any problem.


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Then you may need to check each amplitude image (after coregistration) and each interferogram, including lat/long bands to see what it is going on.

The python project.conf script did not work for me, and I had to do this step manually. Then I copied the results to the / diff0, / geo, / dem, / rslc directories,But only for diff0 and rslc directories, the other two directories(dem and geo) are dedicated to the master image and I did not copy anything in them. Could this be the cause of this error?How do I check each amplitude image (after coregistration) and each interferogram when I have deleted them due to lack of space?

Why does no one guide me? :roll_eyes: