Snap2Stamps - SBAS mode?

I want to perform combined PS/SBAS processing in STAMPS, and I have successfully completed PS preparation using Snap2Stamps. I would like to prepare SBAS interferograms in Snap2Stamps, is this possible?

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I read somewhere that “the preparation of interferogram products for the SBAS approach is currently not supported in the SNAP software”. Maybe @ABraun can confirm ?

yes, multi-master interferogram stacks are planned, but currently not supported.

Is there any software you can recommend as an alternative to SNAP for preparing SBAS for STAMPS?

Dear @ABraun. Do you know if there has been any progress regarding SBAS preparation in SNAP? From what I read in the forum this is something that has been talked about and planned for a long time but is not yet supported. I think many users will find it very useful when (if ever) it is incorporated into SNAP. Thanks.

The pyrate support in SNAP is currently being developed: Comparative analysis between stamps and PyRate - #5 by ABraun

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