Snap2stamps: using a DEM high resolution - IGN

Hello dear,

Someone who has already used DEM high resolution (5m) that provided by the The National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN) for the snap stamps preparation, i want use it for the topographic phase elimination

Any help or suggestions appreciated.


you can modify the xml where the inteferogram formation is undertaken (inside the graphs folder) and change the input DEM. At best, make a copy of this xml as a backup first.

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my question was : how i can pass from DEM ascii format to TIFF format - WGS84 projection to use it.

You can do this in QGIS, for example. There you can reproject the ASCII data and directly save to tif.

It was ok using Qgis with GRASS,
Thanks !

Hello dear !

Using sentinel-1 Data, as processing results using SRTM DEM (1sec) and the other external DEM (5m resolution) gave me the same results of PS and with the same ps positions.

Any ideas or suggestions appreciated.

This is not surprising, the topographic phrase contribution can strongly vary depending on your area and there perpendicular baseline. Using a DEM of higher resolution will not necessarily bring different results. Especially as the topography remains constant over time. Sometimes it is helpful to remove it to make the unwrapping easier, but in flat areas the difference is negligible.