Snaphu abnormal abortion while unwrapping

Hi fellows,

I would like to get some precisions about Snaphu, if anybody could help. I wrote a python script doing the whole processing chain from master and slave to unwrapped phase and some other possibilities beyond.

It’s working great, but snaphu have a weird behavior. Sometime the snaphu-unwrap abort the process without explanation, see here:

Unwrapping tile at row 2, column 1 (pid 933)
Unwrapping tile at row 2, column 2 (pid 934)
Unwrapping tile at row 2, column 3 (pid 935)
Unexpected or abnormal exit of child process 935

then I launch it again and it usually works…
Does anybody have an Idea about the why of this error ?

Okay after some tries, it seems that the this error is due to either artefact edges generated after Interferometry, or a bad coherence of the insar product. Indeed it’s not possible to unwrap a phase that doesn’t get fringes. The visualisation of data after the goldstein filtering helps!
Hope this post can help someone else

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do you use windows? or linux for do that?

Windows but using emulated Linux