Snaphu configuration error

I am working with SENTINAL 1A to map deformation analysis. I have performed till phase filtering. When i am trying to unwrap the snaphu.config in linux, its says unable to read configuration file snaphu.conf. Can anyone tell me what is the problem here…

You have to run snaphu in the folder where you exported the files.

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i saved the files in the output folder where i have saved all my outputs. I have installed VMWARE and then copied the snaphu.cofig command and tried to run in the linux command terminal. It says unable to read configuration file snaphu.conf can suggest how to do it or is there any other way to unwrap it.

as you see in your screenshot, the current directory of your terminal is ~/Desktop
You have two options:

  1. copy all exported files to Desktop to run it there OR
  2. navigate your terminal to the folder where you exported the files and run the snaphu command there.

Thank you.
Will follow the instructions and do it again…

i have never used linux before. could tell me how to navigate my terminal to drive E where i have saved my snaphu

You can navigate by simply typing where ls lists the content of the current folder and cd moves to a desired sub-folder (
or you can right-click and select “open in terminal” in any folder.

I am having the same issue as ARAVINTH.

All my files valid and processed correctly. Furthermore, the relevant Snaphu files and exported files are in the correct location. However, Snaphu cannot read the config file: there is an error message “unable to read configuration file snaphu.conf”. Because of this, I had to enter the configuration manually in the command line - which is fine and Snaphu is processing.

Does anyone know if there is a know error with SNAP (not Snaphu) related to this error, that is the generation of an incorrectly formatted configuration file?

Is there a specific format that the configuration file must be in and could an example please be provided? I would be happy to manually edit the generated configuration file.



After experimenting with Snaphu, it is easy to manually read the configuration file and extract the relevant information to enter in the command-line. By doing this, I have not had any trouble.

However, Snaphu could not read the configuration files generated by SNAP on three different exports.


did you try to enter the full path to snaphu.conf?
Maybe the command line just doesn’t ‘find’ the file. If so, it is like you said and there must be some error related to its format.

I have reprocessed data, and attempted to unwrap with Snaphu. This time around, the configuration file worked and manual entry did not. I am not sure what happened with the other configuration file, but this time around it worked wonders.

Unfortunately, I do not have a definitive solution to the problem.