Snaphu export parameters

I am doing interferometrty of SLC IW image .
formed interferogram of IW3 image only
I dont know the parameters value which have to be input during snaphu export. plz tell me about the value of these parameters


You could use the default threshold, and change the Defo to TOPO if you cerated DEM

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thank you @falahfakhri sir !!
I was in doubt wether i should use the default value or not …you cleared the doubt

Continue with your processing and let us see the result of Unwrapping, then I’ll tell you what is needed to change

ok sir …i am just now doing the snaphu export !!
i was also finding difficulty with virtual machine ! so i am using a seperate system installed with Linux for that purpose …lets see what happens !!
to run snaphu.config there are two files in config directory that is snaphu.config.brief and snaphu.config.full . Whether i should edit these files or make new snaphu.config file to run ??

While the snaphu export has ended you will have the following results , open the snaphu.conf and copy the command and paste in your terminal after changing your directory to the folder includes the snaphu.conf

Thank you again Sir !!
exporting has been done .
Copied the file to linux system and run the snaphu algorithm …
will show you the results as soon as i get the product .

@falahfakhri Sir this is unwrapped product i got !!
The lower portion of image is dubious!!
Is it okay ?

Yes, I think you should start from the beginning, because it seems that the Corrigestration step is not perfectly done,

okk sir will again process from starting.

@falahfakhri sir ! for the time being i proceed with the product whose screenshot i sent before. It was successfully geocoded
but i faced problem when i was deriving DEM.Aftergeocoding i got this

when i started to processed it for DEM it was giving error “source product should not be map-projected”

Would you please to follow these steps and let see,

Okk sir i will follow the steps prescribed by you !!! Thanks again sir for being patient with my errors and for replying to every question of mine !!

@falahfakhri sir I have a question .
Sir have you tried SARscape of ENVI ? if yes did you it more or less useful and in what aspects with respect to SNAP?

No, I didn’t use it before

sir in ESD what parameters i should input for different queries?
should i left the default values?

Hi, First of all please call me in my first name Falah,
Answering your question, the parameters are depending on your study area if it is rural area or Urban area, Please try to read some theories,


this is new interferogram i generated with your instructions sir
is it right ?

the above one is KML file .
this is of Nepal region of himalayas

Excuse me,I have some problem with unwrapped phase.I want to use terrasar data to creat dem, when i do snaphu export,i select TOPO,the phase didn’t unwrpped.I could select DEFO to unwrapping.thanks.

I also need to know the difference with parameters during snaphu export and see how it would react with final results.