Snaphu Export with MultiMaster Insar product

I have generated a MultiMaster Insar product (_mmifg.dim) with the associated SNAP operator. I now want to unwrap the phase of each interferogram present in this product.

However, after running the Snaphu Export operator, some ‘.conf’ files are missing. For example, Phase_ifg_03Sep2020_22Aug2020snaphu.conf is there but not Phase_ifg_03Sep2020_22Aug2020snaphu.conf, although all other files related to this inteferogram are generated (.hdr, …).

I wanted to find work around by manually writing a ‘.conf’ file for the missing interferograms but there are 2 informations that I cannot find:


I could not find it in the metadata nor was able to calculate it.

Could someone confirm that this is a bug in SNAP and tell me how to work around it, please.