SNAPHU hdr to image problem

Hello to all. I am trying the measue displacements in an area. But when i came to SNAPHU part. i am getting this error. I did the SNAPHU export, but i cant get the image file. all i have is hdr file. what should i do?

please add the folder where snaphu.exe is located to your system’s path variable:

thanks it solved my problem. but now i have this error. “out of memory”. is it happening because of my RAM?
i have 8GB ram. is it not enough :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

yes, this is a matter of RAM.

26000 lines seems quite large for your raster. Do you have the chance to create a subset of the interferogram (after Debursting)?

yes its done. now i am waiting for process. i hope it ends soon.

it’s true right ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

yes, good job!

first of all thanks for the answers. its still processing with same screen. is it normal?

yes, the MCF solver takes longer. If nothing changes, you can change MST to MST in the config file and run the snaphu command again.