SNAPHU Import Export for DEM

Hi Everyone,

Can anybody guide me how can i use SNAPHU Import/Export option in SNAP?
I have followed each and every step mentioned in S1TBX TOPSAR Interferometry with Sentinel-1 Tutorial except Topographic Phase Removal because i read somewhere in this forum that it is not recommended for DEM generation.
Now i am using Snaphu Import/Export option which is in-built in SNAP version5.0. I have gone through many discussions in this forum but could not get the solution. Is it mandatory to install SNAPHU externally which was recommended by @ABraun in a tutorial or the in-built Snaphu Import/Export options are sufficient?

please have a look at my tutorial on installing and running snaphu

Once the unwrapped phase is created, you can import it into SNAP again.

Thank you very much for your reply @ABraun

Hi @ABraun I have followed each and every steps recommended by you in tutorial. everything went well but when i am running “Open command window here”, snaphu isn’t working. Here are some snapshots for your reference.

Do you have any idea about this problem?

When you call the command, how do you enter it? maybe you should try type “snaphu.exe”

@tangyin i have already checked it (“snaphu.exe”). Still it isn’t running.

Do you have to add environment variables to your computer system?such as"C:\Temp\snaphu-v1.4.2\bin"in your windows environment Path,maybe you should try to check it.

tangyin is right. The path to cygwin1.dll has also be in the system’s path variable. It is usually C:\cygwin64\bin

Thanks for your reply guys @ABraun & @tangyin. I have already installed Snaphu successfully.