SNAPHU Import for Interferometric unwrapping

Snaphu export done!
Snaphu-Unwrapping done!
My problem started when I tried to Snaphu import, while particularly entering or feeding the 2-Read-unwrapped-phase.
I stacked when I tried to imported it back. I am first time to use SNAP or step toolbox and any advise is appreciated.

are you sure that the Unw_phase[…].img was created by snaphu?

I am not sure since I am the first time user. I did the Goldstein phase filtering that was my last successful step. Would you please help me to unwrapped the interferomety. I read the tutorial but lost when it involves Linux.

are theses the files supposed to be created after Snaphu export process?

snaphu creates an img file belonging to the hdr file. In your case it is not there (was not generated), so you cannot import it

Please follow the steps of this tutorial: