Snaphu Processing Time (Unwrapping)

Hello everyone,

Could anyone share the time it took to unwrap a processed interferogram (coregistered, debursted, merged, topographic phase removed, multilooked and Goldstein phase filtered)?

I began the process on Friday afternoon with standard settings (single tile and deformation mode) and have arrived here on Monday morning with it still processing. One thread suggested a 15-day processing time. Is this correct?



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To speed up the processing time, I have found that the parameters must be accurately entered (either through successful reading of the configuration file through Snaphu - which did not work for me [see my reply to this problem here: Snaphu configuration error]; or by manually entering the parameters in the command-line).

The processing time of a single processed interferogram recorded by Snaphu in a nominated log was 1:17:41 (1 hour, 17 minute and 41 seconds).